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Number of chats: 74675
The best and the biggest community management service for Telegram groups. Moderation, analytics, triggers, etc.
Number of chats: 13594
Welcomes everyone that enters a group chat that this bot is a part of
Number of chats: 8698
Bot to remove all stickers posted in chatroom. Support chats: @tgdev_en and @tgdev_ru
Project links:, @tgdev_en, @tgdev_ru
Number of chats: 6057
SS News: @ss_blog Status:
Number of chats: 3883
Отправьте #admin ( @admin ) в группе с ботом, чтобы упомянуть всех админов или #all (@all), чтобы упомянуть всех.
anticommandbot icon
@anticommandbot AntiCommandBot add to chat
Number of chats: 2978
I remove messages starting with a /command in groups and supergroups. More ad-free bots @GroupOwnerBots .
bestemmiometrobot icon
@bestemmiometrobot Bestemmiometro add to chat
Number of chats: 2235
Questo bot conta le bestemmie in un gruppo, possibilmente non portatelo in Veneto
Number of chats: 2065
Most comfortable and elaborate analytics system for Telegram's chats. Website: Channel: @FullyStat
silentstats_bot icon
@silentstats_bot Silent Stats 10.1 add to chat
Number of chats: 1869
SS Status: SS Blog: @SS_Blog
anti_system_bot icon
@anti_system_bot Anti System Message add to chat
Number of chats: 1646
👥👤👥 Antispam In Chat's 🚷 @anti_system_bot This bot automatically deletes 🗑 system messages.
statchat_bot icon
@statchat_bot Смотритель add to chat
Number of chats: 1640
Бот статистики и рейтинга для групп. Канал новостей бота: @statchat Обсуждение бота: @statchat_bot_chat
Number of chats: 1384
Текст-встречалка для впиливаемых в чат
Number of chats: 1346
💣 Ban users that share stickers, gif or voice. Add Nostickers to a group or supergroup as administator!
antishitstormbot icon
@antishitstormbot Antistorm Bot add to chat
Number of chats: 1227
This bot will protect and prevent groups shitstorm. By @CrystalSoft_it , follow @AntistormBotNetwork
storebot icon
@storebot Telegram Store Bot add to chat
Number of chats: 1039
@Storebot helps you discover the best bots 👾 on Telegram. Explore charts, rate bots and enjoy updates!
Number of chats: 951
Bot for executing snippets of code; /help to get more information, /languages for list of languages.
fengstatsbot icon
@fengstatsbot 统计秘书 add to chat
Number of chats: 948
本秘书做群中各种统计, 发言次数等
Number of chats: 852
grstatsbot icon
@grstatsbot Group Stats Bot add to chat
Number of chats: 810
Group statistics. Call '/get_stats' inside group chat to view stats or '/help' in private messages for more info
removeslashcommandsbot icon
@removeslashcommandsbot RemoveSlashCommandsBot add to chat
Number of chats: 787
I remove Slash Commands (/). More handy bots:
Number of chats: 779
lastkatka_bot icon
@lastkatka_bot Последний бот™ add to chat
Number of chats: 763
Бот на все случаи жизни. Автор - @Senderman сурс: FAQ/Обновления - @srobofactory
telepostbot icon
@telepostbot TelepostBot add to chat
Number of chats: 724
Панель управления: Официальный блог - @telepost_blog Техподдержка @TelepostSupport
ochistkabot icon
@ochistkabot Очистка бот 🗑 add to chat
Number of chats: 710
📝 По всем вопросам - @soatov_23 📢 Новости бота - @tgbotsnews @ITSave_Bot - TikTok, Instagram video yuklovchi bot ✅
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